Become a Franchisee

Key Advantages

• Be part of Europe's No 1 mobile high street repair business • A Blue-chip European business-part of a 50 year old specialist insurance business • New to the UK, most key locations still available • LOW total start-up investment of £35-£50,000 • LOW operating costs • Management Franchise - we train your staff • Benefit from our National Account and insurance repair business • Multi store concept - more stores, higher turnover


The Market

There are around 85 million mobile phones in the UK*. It is also estimated that 14 million** of these customers have some kind of mobile or gadget insurance with accidental damage, in particular screen damage, being the number one reason for making a claim+. Customer surveys have identified many people continuing to use their mobile phone with a broken screen for example. With a typical top end smartphone costing over £500 and 24 month network contracts common place, then the need for repair services is growing. Unlike Europe, there isn't a national mobile phone repair brand in the UK offering a convenient walk-in solution which delivers consistency of customer experience and support. Phone Service Centre has grown rapidly across Europe and now is the opportunity to be part of the UK roll-out programme.


Phone Service Centre is Europe's No1 Repair Centre.

With over 200 stores across France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Spain and Tunisia, Phone Service Centre is Europe's number 1 destination for mobile phone repair. As well as providing a walk-in repair service to retail customers, our store presence enables us to offer our national accounts clients and insurance policyholders the coverage and support they require.

Removing the 'barriers' to repair

Our increasing dependence on our mobile phone means we really cannot live without it if it is accidentally damaged or develops a fault, making a walk-in, ‘while you wait' service the perfect solution. In the event of an insurance claim, customers are very often expected to post their device off for repair leaving them feeling ‘disconnected' and inconvenienced for a number of days. The thought of being without possession of their mobile phone for an extended period of time leads many people to continue using it damaged or faulty. Not a great customer experience! This is why Phone Service Centre serves our market so well. Whether a walk-in customer who doesn't have insurance, or a policyholder making a claim, within an hour their mobile phone can be fully repaired and tested whilst they relax with a free coffee.


By joining us you'll benefit from:

• Territory Sole Rights and/or first rights to refusal in the case of concessions and kiosks (subject to meeting operational standards) • Store launch marketing and print. Which will be developed with your input by our marketing department • Fully trained and certified repair engineering staff • Use the Phone Service Centre Know-How, Operating Methods and Systems • Use of our centralised stock ordering and quality assurance system • Benefit of a share of current national accounts business

 * based on a retail network of 200+ dedicated mobile phone repair centres in Europe ** Source: exact figure correct as of May 2015 83.1 million. *** Source: Mintel Consumers and Gadget Insurance - UK, September 2014 + Source: [contact-form-7 id="4502" title="Sans titre"]







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