Phone Service Centre

Phone Service Centre


Phone Service Centre is a chain of stores specialising in immediate repairs of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.We can thus repair all major brands of mobile phones and tablets: Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Apple, LG, BlackBerry, and deliver to customers a swift, quality and standardised service, regardless of which store you use.

Point Service Mobiles is the name of the French parent company where the retail began operation in 2006. Whether you need a physical repair, have an issue with software…or just want to get rid of your old phone, our skilled technicians are here to help you. Our parent company, SPB Group is the largest insurance administrator of mobile device insurance, so you’re in safe hands.

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Over 82% of our repairs are completed on site in under 40 minutes. All walk in repairs carried out by us on site use only the highest quality parts and are backed by our 12 month warranty. In order for you to not lose your personal data, our technicians will offer you a back-up of your data (phone book, calendar, photos and any other documents…) which will be put back in after repairs.


In order to deliver a quality service, the tools used by our technicians are state-of-the-art equipment and we only source part from reputable suppliers. Aside from our Technician zones where customers are welcome to observe the repair process, we also offer all customers a complimentary hot drink whilst they wait and the opportunity to use our in-store tablets to browse the net.


Phone Service Centre doesn’t offer mobile contacts, just the opportunity to benefit from a high quality guaranteed repair. Our technicians are at your disposal to advise and assist you in the use of your device. However, in order to add more comfort and safety to the use of your smartphone, we offer you a large range of accessories (protective cases, screen protectors, mini speakers, headphones and chargers) which will benefit from an additional discount if you’ve already taken a repair with us.

Martine Bocquillon, chairwoman of Point Service Mobiles (Phone Service Centre in the UK): " By choosing to become part of our network, our franchisees choose the path of excellence within the market of repairs of mobile phones. We offer a standardised concept allowing them to have access to quality interventions and fully enter the spirit of the company “repair more to throw out less ".

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  • Repairs in 40 minutes
  • Waiting space: enjoy a free coffee
An international network

Phone service Centre expands internationally under the name Phone Service Center

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